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About SEDDYS: The FW23-24 collection

Technical innovations, stylistic research, attention to detail and study of trends and materials: let us take you on a journey to discover some of the elements that give life to a custom collection by SEDDYS, in particular the Fall/Winter 2023-24 season

Find out how SEDDYS latest collection is designed and what are the "ingredients" of our premium custom service.

For many years now we have been hearing about custom, an eclectic world that places sneaker culture at its core and offers the possibility to express creativity without limits. For SEDDYS, since 2014, custom sneakers has become a real lifestyle: among technical innovations, stylistic research, attention to detail and study of trends and materials, we take you through a journey to discover some of the elements that give life to a custom collection by SEDDYS, in particular the Fall/Winter 2023-24 season. 


The custom collections are designed inside our Lab: for each custom model we start from the idea, to then develop the design and create the individual elements it is made of.

One of the distinctive elements of the SEDDYS style are the stencils and fabric patches, which allow you to create an endless variety of designs on sneakers in a creative and dynamic way.

SEDDYS design workshop with designers who design

One of the distinctive elements of the autumn/winter collection are the patches made with the digital printing technique. Each patch can be made with different fabrics and shapes: canvas, eco-leather, denim and other fabrics are cut out and expertly positioned on the shoes, telling the story behind the custom through images and words.

Guy from the SEDDYS team prints digital patches to apply on shoes

One of the most frequently used tools by SEDDYS is the airbrush: it makes it possible to recreate innovative and original effects on sneakers (but also on fabrics) with gradient or graphic effects through masks. The airbrush in the new collection is essential to recreate one of the current trends, the lightning effect, but also to creates light and color tricks on the shoes with great precision.

SEDDYS creative team girl uses airbrush to customize a sneaker

There is no custom without freehand drawing, which SEDDYS applies in a contemporary way, giving life to images, lettering and figurative elements inspired by fashion, art, music and pop culture.

Precision, creativity and technical skills are the basis of freehand drawing on sneakers, creating endless customization options, also tailor-made on customers' request, based on their style and interests.

Artist from the SEDDYS creative team customizes a sneaker by drawing

SEDDYS uses only nickel-free and super light ABS studs. Both the studs, pearls and crystals are certified and leave room for endless customization options.

The crystals and pearls are carefully applied by hand, one by one, while the studs are positioned on the sneakers through the use of a press, which guarantees resistance and durability. The plus? The endless options of combining colors, quantities and sizes of all the applications.

Table with various types of studs and shoe applications

SEDDYS' specialized staff uses sewing machines specifically designed to apply any fabric on sneakers, in a precise and professional way. The fabric, particularly the patchwork effect, is an essential part of the latest FW23-24 collection, just like denim, a current trend but also an iconic element in the history of fashion.

SEDDYS team seamstress sews denim fabric onto a sneaker

Some particular types of coloring are created through washing techniques, perfect to recreate the gradient "stone-washed" effect or the "vintage" effect on some parts or on the whole sneaker. The secret? The shoe is entirely immersed in color through special washes, obtaining a gradient effect and a matte texture.

Industrial washing-dyeing: sneakers inside a washing machine

The last step is all about attention to details: each product is checked, shoelaces are applied, and finished with SEDDYS logo plate before being prepared for shipping in the packaging together with the original shoelaces and box.

Quality control and addition of shoe laces

The Fall/Winter 2023-24 collection is now available on

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