Custom design: Ferrari - Michael Schumacher

Custom design: Ferrari - Michael Schumacher

On the occasion of the Italian Grand Prix which was held in Monza on September 2023, SEDDYS wanted to pay homage to Michael Schumacher and the Ferrari team with a special custom design project on a Nike Air Force 1.

On the occasion of the Italian Grand Prix in Monza last September 3rd 2023, SEDDYS decided to pay homage to the Kaiser and the Ferrari team the driver celebrated the greatest number of victories with. Ferrari today is a real brand recognized in all over the world, not only in the automotive industry. Michael Schumacher gave incredible emotions to Formula 1 fans, with his overtaking and perfection in driving the Ferrari, the team he would become the most successful driver with in the history of this sport.

Michael Schumacher on a Vespa in the 2000s
Italian Grand Prix 2003

On 14th September 2003 at Monza racetrack, Schumacher won the Italian Grand Prix with Ferrari: among the many records achieved, the average speed maintained by the driver in the race was the highest in the history of Formula 1. Twenty years after this "GP of records", SEDDYS paid homage to the German driver and Ferrari through a special custom project on a Nike Air Force 1.

Custom design inspiration

SEDDYS decided to create a custom sneaker inspired by the spirit of this important event, in particular celebrating the victory of the legendary Michael Schumacher with Ferrari 20 years ago: the custom was born taking inspiration from the aesthetics of racing cars - in particular the F2003 built in just 6 samples, including the one that won Monza 2003 with chassis 229 - to the tradition and DNA of Scuderia Ferrari, and to all those symbols that were part of Schumacher's life and personality.

Schumacher & sneakers

do you know what's the connection between Michael Schumacher and the world of sneakers? In the 90s, Nike started to get an interest in the world of car racing, and decided to find a driver to present its "racing shoes" to; at that time, Michael Schumacher was at the top of the charts and Nike began designing different sneaker models for the German driver from 1996 to 2002, with the highest quality and tailor-made materials.

Do you want to discover the inspiration and all the details of our custom AF1 dedicated to Ferrari and Michael Schumacher? Take a look at the next video, full of references and a little fun, just like SEDDYS style. Waiting for the next GP... Enjoy!

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